Creative Global Thinking


Brands that want to grow into globally admired icons need to think beyond their communities and borders. Long gone are the days when oceans, mountains and language isolated us. Thanks to this connectivity, we have the power to reach audiences the world over—if only we can learn to think like them.

Global thinking is a combination of creative ideas and strategic solutions that brand communicators can use to create iconic campaigns, irrespective of borders, language and cultural differences.

So, what are the elements of global thinking?

DAf Wine Agency Creative Global Thinking
DAf Wine Agency Creative Global Thinking



The crafting of a genuine story allows brands to connect with audiences wherever they are and whatever their cultural backgrounds might be. The key word in storytelling is authenticity. Those with genuine, authentic stories to tell go one step further than global thinking—they become creative global thinkers.


Without a doubt, contact with different cultures injects us with energy and insight. Happily, this contact comes in innumerable forms. From living and working abroad or having overseas-born family and friends. Through travel or hosting visitors to our cities. Via books and art. Watching foreign-language content on TV, at the movies, at the theater, or in newspapers, magazines, podcasts and books. By enjoying foreign food and buying products made abroad.

These are all ways of embracing diversity, a practice that strengthens our ability to think global and gives us a creative edge over those who see their personal experiences as the beginning and end of the road.

We have the power to reach audiences the world over—if only we can learn to think like them.

Global thinkers never underestimate the impact of local action. Imagine that you’ve got a cracking creative campaign circulating in the US, Australia and Europe. The key visuals look great, the claim is awesome and the brand video is going down a treat in your B2B relations. But to set individual markets on fire? Acting locally is the answer.

Product launch events in the US, Australia and Europe will have to look and feel different because—let’s face it—they are three different continents. To make a unique connection, unite your brand and target audience via installations, parties, digital media trending topics, everything you can think of to create a local splash.

It’s great being able to think globally and create campaigns that makes sense for all kinds of audiences. But once you start to bring a campaign down onto the streets where your consumers live and work, you need ideas and actions that are tailored-made to local tastes.



Global thinkers know that timing is important. Summer arrives at different times in the northern and southern hemispheres. School may begin in September or March, depending on the continent. National holidays, sporting events, political elections, everything on the world calendar matters, and will affect how your campaign is received, no matter how good it is.



Just as wine is brought to life when paired with just-the-right dish, global thinking needs long-term strategy.

Campaigns that generate impact for just a few months don’t have the rich, persistent flavor necessary to grow iconic brands. It takes time to create timeless connections and establish long-lasting relationships with audiences around the world. Long-term strategy and creative concepts with staying power are essential.

DAf Wine Agency Creative Global Thinking
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