Earning admiration



We think it’s fair to say that all brands seek admiration; perhaps not from the entire world, but most definitely from their target consumers. But how to go from seeking it, to having it? And once achieved, how is admiration maintained? Each year, Drinks International publishes a renowned ranking of the world’s most admired wine brands. They gather the industry’s top professionals, from leading masters of wine to educators and journalists, in order to evaluate brands that are not necessarily market giants, rather those that are revered for who they are and what they do. Several factors are considered:
· The wine should be of consistent or improving quality.
· It should reflect its region or country of origin. 
· It should respond to the needs and tastes of its target audience. 
· It should be well-marketed and packaged. 
· It should have strong appeal to a wide demographic.

Several points relate to the wine itself (placing responsibility with the producers themselves). However, consider the final two factors:

It should be well marketed and packaged.
It should have strong appeal to a wide demographic.

These are difficult questions that often require outside help from creative experts who understand the market.

The wine should be well-marketed and packaged: Does the brand have a well-defined and unique story? Have its key differentiating factors been discovered and properly highlighted? Does the brand’s packaging stand out and reflect its personality?

It should have strong appeal to a wide demographic: Have all the ingredients been properly blended? Is the brand’s “wow” factor properly understood? Essentially, does your brand know how to think global?

Experience has told us that these things take time. The top brands are far from an overnight sensation. They have been growing their iconic brands for years and are constantly reevaluating and innovating to remain among the most admired.

At DAf, we’ve had the pleasure of working with several of the world’s most admired wine brands throughout the last few years. Whether we are growing an iconic brand from the beginning, or are being entrusted to take an existing icon to the next level, we know what it takes for a brand to be regarded with wonder, pleasure and approval.

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