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Love, The Moon


Groupe Schenk, one of Europe’s largest holdings in the industry, came to DAf to create assets for Bacio della Luna, a Prosecco from the north Italian region of Valdobbiandene. From the very old Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobbiandene DOCG region, Bacio della Luna was a solidly performing brand that required a strategic re-think. We were asked to create brand pillars and brand territories, claim, brand book, key visual, brand video and social media capsules. The goal was to elevate Bacio della Luna through more cohesive communications able to connect the consumer experience to the sparkling wine’s DOCG.
Groupe Schenk

Key Visual

Social Media Content

Brand Book
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For this brand, the importance of the moon cannot be overstated, being present both in brand name and logo. Our team worked with the concept of a love letter written by the moon to the Glera grapes planted across the landscape of Valdobbiandene. Articulated by the claim “Love, The Moon,“ this world of enchantment provides ample material to explore infatuation between consumer and wine, as well as in lived moments.

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Brand Strategy

Studying the brand, history of Prosecco and its consumer perception, DAf developed three brand pillars: Origin (The Valdobbiandene region is a seal of quality inseparable from Prosecco); Moments (the fleeting “kiss from the moon“ parallels an invitation to live the day); Effervescence (joy, represented in the bubbles and in the consumer experience).

Working with the brand pillars, Nature and Art were identified as territories that invited the contemplation of beauty, connection and growth.
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Strategic Storytelling

I look down on you and am enchanted.
You melt the cool silver of my moon heart.
From up here in the sky you represent freedom,
The instant alchemy of nature and craftsmanship,
A fleeting moment when two objects meet and create another.
You are the spark of seduction, a flash of joy.
From the steep slopes of Valdobbiadene you shine.
Brighter than any of the stars that glitter around me.
I watch as you dance in my silver light,
And as I write to you, sealed with a kiss,
Your spark blazes brighter still, carrying you around the world,
A love letter from the vines of Valdobbiadene.
With the pop of a cork and the splash of Prosecco poured into a glass,
You light up every moment.
Love, the Moon.

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Key Visual

The key visual shows the bottle flanked by rows of Glera grapes lit up by sparkling light, with the region’s characteristic steep hills in the background. The moon lies above the bottle, brushing the horizon in the golden kiss represented by the evocative name Bacio della Luna.
Key Visual
Key Visual

Brand Video

Inspired by codes from the brand communications of perfume, DAf developed a brand video intertwining nature, consumer and product.

Social Media Capsule

The brand video was edited to create capsules for social media, each one charged with depicting a single strategic focus area.

Brand Book

DAf developed the brand book for Bacio della Luna, incorporating brand pillars, brand territories, manifesto, storytelling, claim, moodfilm, key visuals for on and off-trade and brand elements including typography and style of photography.
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Love, The Moon.