Bacio della Luna is part of the Schenk wine holding with wineries and estates in France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. Bacio della Luna produces one of the world’s top selling Proseccos with Glera grapes from the steep terroir just 50 kilometers from Venice, Italy. This terroir is considered to be where the finest expression of Prosecco can be found and wine from this part of the province of Treviso have a denomination of origin.
DAf’s challenge was to define and construct their long-term brand identity, which includes highlighting the celebratory moments of life, from fleeting to long-lived. The brand celebrates existing at the junction of nature and art, and the relationship between the two.


DAf’s solution embraced the company name, Bacio della Luna (kiss of the moon) to tell a love story between the moon and the vineyards where the wine is produced. This love is embodied by a love letter written from the moon to the vines, which talks about the sparkling qualities of the wine and its powerful ability to illuminate beautiful moments.


The mood video exemplifies the romance and celebration embodied in a glass of Bacio della Luna prosecco, while paying homage to its origins. The video shows overflight footage over the vineyards at Valdobbiadene and a bright star- and moonlit sky. It intersperses the rising bubbles in a glass of prosecco with fireworks and glances from a woman, a kiss between a man and a woman and then a wax seal being laid on an envelope that contains the love letter from the moon. It ends with a view of the rising moon and the tagline “sealed with the kiss of the moon.”


A love letter
This version of the love letter concentrates on how the
moon has been watching over Bacio della Luna. She has been
enchanted by the combination of nature and craftsmanship
and the park of romance and seduction of this special Prosecco.
Playing on the element of the love letter, the storytelling
shows how just as the moon writes a love letter, Bacio della
Luna is also itself a love letter written from the vines of
Valdobbiadene and sent around the world.

I look down on you and am enchanted.
You melt the cool silver of my moon heart.
From up here in the sky you represent freedom,
The instant alchemy of nature and craftsmanship,
A fleeting moment when two objects meet and create another.
You are the spark of seduction, a flash of joy.
From the steep slopes of Valdobbiadene you shine.
Brighter than any of the stars that glitter around me.
I watch as you dance in my silver light,
And as I write to you, sealed with a kiss,
Your spark blazes brighter still, carrying you around the world,
A love letter from the vines of Valdobbiadene.
With the pop of a cork and the splash of Prosecco poured into a glass,
You light up every moment.
Love, the moon.


The key visual incorporates the elements of a bottle of Bacio Della Luna surrounded by a sparkling field of light which emanates from the vineyard and represents the effervescent nature of their product. This is superimposed on a night view of the vineyard’s steep terraces and overlooked by the moon itself, framed by a flourish from the brand’s label, which represents moonlight illuminating the surface of the ocean.


DAf created a brandbook for Bacio della Luna, identifying brand pillars, brand territories and encapsulating their manifesto, as well as providing storytelling, a key visual and a script for a mood film. We identified a look and feel for the visual campaign including a color palete and key subject matter and a typography for the brand.

Sealed with a kiss of the moon

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