Bodegas Esmeralda


Bodegas Esmeralda approached DAf to create a commercial as part of a branding campaign for their new product, the Esmeralda Malbec, to screen on Argentinian television to target the national market.

They wanted something to reflect the tradition of the wine, which is named after Esmeralda Fernández, the only daughter of the winery’s founder Don Juan Fernández. Bodegas Esmeralda is one of Mendoza’s oldest wineries.


DAf looked to manifest the idea of tradition within the winery’s legacy of generations, as it remains a family run business to this day.

DAf found it inspiring and signficant that Don Juan Fernández named the winery after his daughter Esmeralda, so based the campaign on this relationship built on mutual respect, love and honor.


The campaign is narrated by Esmeralda, who is the central figure of the commercial. In a voiceover, she relates how her father found her magical, spellbound by the striking beauty of her green eyes. Yet, Esmeralda maintains that her father was, in fact, the magical one, as it was he who possessed the skill of creating enchanting wine.

The father and the daughter are seen holding their wine glasses, as if captivated by the scent. In the narration, Esmeralda reveals that she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and created a Malbec to honor his legacy.

DAf strengthened the brand’s voice through the stark use of the green hues, a color connotated by the name Esmeralda. As Esmeralda is the character that the wine embodies, it was important to depict her as a figure of beauty, yet someone who holds also a touch of allure and mystery — reflected in her mesmerizing, green eyes.

The winery has an edge of the fantastical to it, as it remains a mystery how the family concocts such quality wines. In the video, this is denoted by the color palette: the bodega is a shadowy grey, illuminated by touches of the green, symbolizing the family’s magical prowess in winegrowing.



An enchanting family tradition, a magical wine.


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