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Consumers may be forgiven for thinking that wine categories are set: red, white, rose, sparkling, fortified. However, by nature, some wines seem to occupy the space between these categories. Young Red, a newly-launched product by Bonterra of Fetzer Vineyards, is one such wine.

Made from the second-pressings of rosés, Young Red is dry, clean, light and ideally served chilled. It evokes characteristics of white and rosé wines, though is proudly and firmly a red. Fetzer needed a key visual for trade and consumer use that would launch and establish this new product as the first in its category and allow it to serve as an introductory wine for consumers new to Bonterra’s portfolio.
Fetzer Vineyards
Key Visual

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Positivity, youthfulness, premium cues and a connection to Bonterra’s organic farming practices were all key elements that Fetzer wanted to communicate. Knowing this, DAf developed a brand storytelling that harmonized with Young Red’s whimsical, botanically-inspired label and gave value to its origins and profile.

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Looking at a budding flower, it’s almost inconceivable that so much potential lies waiting. Contained, held.
And then, beautifully, it blooms. Petals are revealed and its true nature is unearthed. Ready to thrive.
Winemakers feel this same suspense while awaiting their grapes. Each harvest is the chance to produce new life.
However, as Young Red shows, beautiful wines do not have to spend years in the cellar.
This is wine’s new spring.
A wine that reflects the care that crafted it. A red with intricate notes and aromas; though light enough to serve chilled.
 A wine to open today; and savor by daylight, twilight or moonlight.
Young Red: The elegance of a red, delicacy of a rosé and liveliness of a white. A wine that holds these elements and grows them—until just the right moment.

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DAf’s designers worked with a photographer to photograph the Young Red bottle alongside fresh natural flowers, lit by soft open light evocative of the afternoon and evening consumer situations that suit this wine’s profile. Being a product launch, it was important to the client that the consumer be left in no doubt that this was a red wine with a distinct profile and serving condition. Therefore, the text “Vibrant. Chilled. Red. The elegance of a red, delicacy of a rosé and liveliness of a white,” was selected.
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The product has been launched to trade and consumers and the Key Visual published in Wine Enthusiast.
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Vibrant. Chilled. Red.