Casillero del Diablo – Red Blend


Casillero del Diablo launched a new Red Blend wine in response to the growing consumer demand to drink blends, especially within the US. As market research dictated, those who preferred red blends are a younger crowd, attracted by the brand essence of wine, rather than tasting notes and specific grape varieties.

DAf was asked to create a storytelling, tagline, key visual and brand video for the product which would appeal to this new-minded wine consumer.


Red blends are emblematic of the shift that is happening within wine at the moment: they appeal to a different type of wine consumer uninterested in prestige and enology, attracted to the straightforward sensory pleasure of drinking wine. Red blends are growing in popularity given their crowd-pleasing ability – a good, unpretentious drink for everyone. As this was a mentality that strayed from the traditional experience of enological wine selection, DAf worked on a concept of a “rebellious spirit” to reflect the nonconforming tastes of the red blend’s consumers. Set in cool tones of vibrant reds and vintage grays, the campaign worked not only to credit a rebellious spirit to a younger crowd but to focus on anyone with a sense of defiance, celebrating their uniqueness and attitude.


Rebels. They have existed throughout history.

They are the people who want the impossible,

Who change the rules of the game,

Those who look for the unknown,

When others prefer their comfort zone.


The ones who inspire the masses to try something new.

Their spirit is a blend of the best that life has to offer.

They are the rebels of today

And the legends of tomorrow

Casillero del Diablo Red Blend

Rebellious Spirit

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