Castillo de Molina


Castillo de Molina came to DAf in need of a brand video that would share the story of its pioneering beginnings and communicate the brand’s reputation for quality winemaking in an optimistic tone.


The story dates back to over 150 years ago when the Spanish Correa Albano brothers founded Viña San Pedro in Molina, Chile. Upon reaching the highest point of their land, they marvelled at their magnificent surroundings and decided to harness its natural wealth by crafting their very first reserve wine: Castillo de Molina.

The script that DAf’s creatives developed for the brand video recounts how the Correa brothers’ winemaking dream “literally began to emerge from the ground”. It was written in an enthusiast, optimistic and happy tone to inspire consumers with the adventurous, daring nature of the brothers’ story.

The video begins with a clear, open shot of the product on a black background. As the story continues, the viewer is immersed in the bottle’s label and travels back in time to watch first-hand how the Correa brothers’ adventurous story played out. Through a combination of live action, 3D and continuous camera filming techniques, DAf’s production team was able to maximize the classic nature of the brand and, at the same time, generate interest in the brand’s character, presenting it as a relevant wine for today’s contemporary consumer.


It was a brand video to be used in B2C communications, targeting young professionals between the ages of 35 and 45, based in Chile, Colombia, Finland and Brazil. At the same time, the video needed to fulfill an important role in the brand’s strategic B2B communications.

A tribute to two brothers and their authentic determination

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