Casillero del Diablo – Manchester United


In 2010, Casillero del Diablo came to DAf with an exciting proposition: the union of two global legends… Casillero del Diablo and Manchester United. Since that time, DAf has drawn on its experience in global thinking to pour creative talent into a series of projects designed to strengthen and build upon this partnership.


Both Casillero del Diablo and Manchester United are backed by the legend of a powerful devil, both are followed widely by fans all over the world and both strive towards perfection in their fields. The partnership seemed natural.


In the first few seconds of this very first video, a recognizable lineup of Manchester United players in first-selection shirts are preparing to head out onto the pitch. There’s only one marked difference… they’re suiting up in full armour and not just football kits. The careful play between a football match and a gruesome battle is established from the very beginning. Out on the pitch, the battle begins. The Manchester United team come up against Casillero del Diablo’s fully-armoured devil, each powerful legend charging fearlessly towards the other from the far extremes of the pitch. The devil leaps into the air, fire surges from his body and the shape of the devil is seared into the grass. The Manchester United team falls into line behind its devilish opponent and the unbreakable union is formed… Casillero del Diablo now plays for Manchester United, an idea that is thoroughly driven home via the claim “Casillero del Diablo suits up for the Red Devils,” Manchester United’s nickname and a phrase understood by fans worldwide.


“Legendary fans. Legendary team. Legendary wine.” is the powerful claim that brings this second video to a close; an opportunity to draw clear parallels between Casillero del Diablo’s storytelling and that of Manchester United’s legendary red devil. Globally admired Manchester United players, including Ryan Giggs, were featured in the video, sharing their knowledge of the team’s legacy, its history and the long line of red devils who played before them.

Halfway through the video the emphasis shifts from the legend of the red devil and turns towards the fans, inviting them to feel part of the red devil legend and, by default, feel connected to the story of a legendary wine. The connection made between football legend and wine legend is simple and clear.


In this third video, Casillero del Diablo needed an entertaining way to promote its Facebook Page penalty game, Devil’s Goalkeeper. DAf crafted a video that would further tap into the powerful alliance already formed between Casillero del Diablo and Manchester United.

The video’s narrative is simple and direct. Rio Ferdinand stands head to head against Anders Lindegaard in a penalty shoot out. Our creatives played with the conventions of a typical wild west duel, incorporating slow moving, long playing shots that focus on each character’s face to create tension.

Humor is used to interrupt the narrative before it reaches its climax when Patrice Evra, acting as referee, calls a save and boasts about his incredibly high score on the game, Devil’s Goalkeeper. The story is lighthearted and fun, but the strong alliance between these two legendary greats is maintained.


The last video is more corporate in style than the previous three. It directly outlines the many parallels between Casillero del Diablo and Manchester United, focusing on facts, history and tangible successes. The video begins with an overhead shot of an old-looking case, emblazoned with the Casillero del Diablo and Manchester United emblems side by side. As we swoop down and pass through the keyhole, we enter into a world of two great legends that were always “meant to be united”.

We see rows of vineyards and rows of passionate fans, highly skilled sportsmen and winemakers, over 100 years of history, global reach and success. The images are historic documents and the individual achievements of both legends are indisputable.

In the final stretch of the video, two lines, one red and one gold, travel on separate paths until they clash, merge and continue on the same path together. It’s a visual representation of the 2010 alliance formed between Casillero del Diablo and Manchester United… two devils in the field that transform into one legendary team.


This was a global campaign to improve Casillero del Diablo’s brand position, creating the chance to convert Manchester United football fans all over the world into Casillero del Diablo wine consumers.

Legendary fans. Legendary team. Legendary wine.

We’re waiting to cultivate your story.