Casillero del Diablo needed a brand video for its red label wine, Reserva Especial, to launch for trade and consumers in the European market. An enological project proud of its origins in two major wine regions, Reserva Especial was interested in going further with their brand communications; branching out from concepts of “the perfect terroir” and speaking more securely as an individual brand, rather than as the greater winery.


During our research we learned that Reserva Especial is entirely grown from clay soils. With this as our common denominator, we decided to focus on the origins of this wine through the lens of the clay itself, and this material’s significance for humankind.

Culturally speaking, different civilizations have always created using clay. In this sense, given its clay-rich soils, Reserva Especial can be seen as another clay-based creation. 


The brand videos showcase the clay-rich valleys from which Reserva Especial’s grapes are grown, and introduces the winemakers responsible for the range.


They say we were created from it.
Different civilizations have molded it,
Using it to shape their own identity.
Even at its most basic form, clay invites us to create.
This special material is intertwined with our very roots.
It is fundamental to our most expressive wines.
Clay has defined our identity since the beginning of time,
And it is our clay soils that characterize Reserva Especial.
A series of wines tied to instinct and origin,
And crafted to create a legend.


The key visual continues to consolidate the brand’s association with clay by focusing specifically on the interplay between this material and the bottle.


DAf traveled to Cauquenes and Casablanca to photography the product on-site in its vineyards.

Legends of Origin.

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