Casillero del Diablo – The Wine Legend Trailer


Casillero del Diablo needed a campaign that would connect with new generations of wine consumers all across the globe. Taking into consideration the incredibly dramatic potential behind the brand’s legendary tale about the devil and thieves who rob in the night, the creative team at DAf saw a grand opportunity to strengthen Casillero del Diablo’s global presence by drawing on the universal language of cinema instead of the traditional world of publicity.


We created six scenes from a fictitious modern day crime film that would tell the Casillero del Diablo legendary story, found on the bottle’s label, and present it in the format of a mainstream feature film.

From creative concept to production, we focused on every aspect of the campaign so that it would sound, look and feel like a feature film. The objective was to captivate audiences all over the world and make them feel like they were sat in the big, comfy seats of a movie theater.


As a follow-up to the commercial for cinema and television, we crafted an interactive video that was designed especially for digital channels. The objective was to transform the online user into the wine legend trailer’s museum thief.


To coincide with the cinematographic-inspired visual language, we crafted the campaign’s Key Visual in the form of a movie poster.


New generations of wine consumers all over the world.

A story made for the big screen.


We’re waiting to cultivate your story.