Coca-Cola – Brighter future


Coca Cola came to DAf in need of a bright and informative corporate video, designed to express Coca Cola’s plans for the immediate future in the Chilean market. The challenge was to find an attractive visual motif that could be used to help guide the viewer through a fairly dense three-minute script.


We created a video that hinged on the use of small snooker-sized balls, which changed in color and design to match the communicative needs of the script. These balls were based on the round, red Coca Cola icon and were, at times, treated in such a way as to reflect the tiny bubbles of gas found in every bottle of coke.


The video follows a simple structure. We begin by hearing about Coca Cola’s initial success in Chile. We’re then presented with the challenges that the brand faced in a rapidly changing and forever more diverse environment. We follow the brand’s response to these challenges and towards the end of the video we’re given an insight into its hopes and goals for the future.

The speed, color and illustrated designs of the balls, in addition to the compositions that they form throughout the video, help the viewer to easily digest what would have been a rather dense corporate video with a fair amount of dry data to process.


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