Coca-Cola – Commercial summit



Each year, Coca-Cola hosts a Commercial Summit for the strategic commercial team and bottlers across South America. Instead of live entertainment or inspirational talks often offered at these events, Coca-Cola approached DAf about producing inspirational videos to showcase the important steps being taken to ensure the future of one of the world’s most recognizable brands. One video was planned to kick off the event, featuring a showreel of the successes achieved so far this year, with a secondary video looking to the future with a strategic business plan.



DAf’s first job was to immerse itself in the world of Coca-Cola, getting a real understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing each part of the commercial business. We then created a detailed script based using a train as our main icon. Made up of carriages representing the different key areas of the business, the train animation told a story of teamwork and pulling together to advance towards Coca-Cola’s future. It was an engaging way to communicate complex and varied business plans to inspire the audience.  


Thanks to the animation content, the Coca-Cola team enjoyed an engaging start to the Commercial Summit 2018. The region’s commercial strategy director was delighted with the results and declared the event a success.


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