Coca-Cola – Marketing awards 2018


The annual Global Customer and Commercial Leadership Awards is a much-lauded event within Coca-Cola; a once-a-year opportunity for the marketing teams to showcase the very best of their work to the global business. They compete not only to gain awards but also to earn the respect and admiration of their peers and share great ideas.

DAf’s challenge was to interpret a series of three award entries – often technical subject matters – and create cohesive, intelligent and engaging animated for a corresponding series of short and dynamic animations that the respective Coca-Cola teams would submit as their entries.



Drawing on its expertise in this area, DAf worked on an animation solution that would enable each of the award entrants to showcase their revolutionary activity in market.  Focusing on Coca-Cola icons as the concept, such as red delivery trucks and the distinctive bottle shapes, playful animations were created allowing for the complex subject matter to be distilled into engaging and informative content enabling the teams’ work to shine. Each video was given its own theme and color scheme and was an innovative way to present dense topics.  




The Awards were a huge success and each of the three submissions were well-received.  



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