Part of the Hess Family Wine Estates, Colomé is located in the north of Argentina and is one of the world’s the highest vineyards. They asked DAf to create a brand story, key visual, brand video, shorts for social media, as well as point of sale displays.


A super premium wine, Colomé is the result of the dry, high-altitude conditions found in Salta, northern Argentina. It is also the oldest vineyard in the country. DAf took these elements and crafted a storytelling around the idea of extremes, that Colomé’s history and location of its vineyards are what impart quality to this wine.

Inspired by its remote location, the DAf team created a brand video which followed the route through the dramatic landscape as it climbs up to reach the vineyards.

This use of pathways through spectacular surroundings inspired the claim “Where the road ends, our dream begins”, giving the brand a sense of poetry and drama. This idea was then solidified with the tagline “Greatness born of extremes” and both the claim and tagline were used together to highlight the unique elements of this special wine.


The key visual also reflected this sense of spectacle, with the bottle placed against a mountainous landscape, with vineyards unfurling into the foothills, an impactful visual reference that leaves the consumer in no doubt that this wine comes from somewhere special.


The key visual was applied to various POS designs, such as a case card, glorifier, necktag and table tent.


The brand video footage was additionally used for a series of 15 second social media shorts. Three of these shorts focused on Colomé’s different vineyards, another on the spectacular colonial house on the property, and the final introducing the people who work to create the wine and brand.

DAf Creative Wine Agency Love Wine Love Chile
DAf Creative Wine Agency Love Wine Love Chile
DAf Creative Wine Agency Love Wine Love Chile
DAf Creative Wine Agency Love Wine Love Chile


The client was delighted with the result and presented the new brand video at ProWein, unveiling the new creative direction for Colomé.

Greatness born of extremes.

We’re waiting to cultivate your story.