Concha y Toro – Never stop dreaming


Concha y Toro, one of the world’s most powerful wine brands, wanted to revamp its image. It turned to DAf to find a way of communicating its philosophies and years of experience to the world. As a trusted brand across the globe, Concha y Toro wanted to emphasize its focus on winemaking excellence, sustainable development, research and innovation. The video would be used to inspire and to communicate the Concha y Toro dream to the world.


To emphasize the extent of Concha y Toro’s global presence, we divided the video’s script into four clear sections: Chile, Argentina, the U.S. and distributors all over the world. Deeply-rooted in history and with 130 years of experience in winemaking, it was essential to first highlight Concha y Toro’s dedication to Chilean vineyards and the powerful effects of Chile’s natural landscapes on its terroir.

We worked with impressive visuals of the Pacific Ocean, The Andes Mountain Range, the desert valleys in the north and the Patagonia in the south. To show the love that Chilean winemakers pour into every bottle of Concha y Toro wines, a heavy emphasis was placed on capturing the passion of those who work in the vineyards and bodegas.

The following sections devoted to Argentina, the U.S. and the rest of the world were included to emphasize the variety and reach that Concha y Toro has achieved over the years. They also help to express Concha y Toro’s need to evolve, explore and develop new horizons. The final phrase, “We’ll never stop dreaming”, leaves the consumer feeling inspired by the promise of Concha y Toro’s constant evolution towards perfection.


This corporate video was created in Spanish and English for consumers all over the world.

A constant evolution towards perfection

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