Cono Sur – Bicicleta


Cono Sur’s dream was to work its Bicicleta wine brand alongside Queen’s classic “Bicycle Race” hit, sharing the endless personality of its wine with the world. Finding the most effective way of bringing this dream to life was the challenge that DAf was asked to meet.


When we began working on the project, one thing was clear. We needed to personify the wine so that it wouldn’t have to directly compete against the huge personality of Queen’s long-established hit. The character chanting the phrase, “I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride it where I like,” wouldn’t be represented by a person, but instead by the brand’s spirit. It was an effective way of allowing the Bicicleta wine brand to come to life, taking viewers on an amazing journey.

From city streets to vineyards, from the beach to the countryside, we crafted a brand video that connects the Bicicleta spirit with the wine’s origin. We used a mechanical technique of invisible strings to create the effect of bicycles moving on their own accord. The simplicity of the narrative is one of the video’s strengths.


Distributors and consumers in Europe and the UK.

I want to ride my bicycle


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