Cono Sur – Wind



Cono Sur had finally wrapped up a long process of re-branding nearly every wine within their portfolio. It was time to reveal a little about each one while launching its lush new packaging at the same time. Wanting something more conceptual and complex, Cono Sur asked DAf to create this very special brand video.


We needed to find something that would both generate a clear connection between the various wines, whilst reflecting the individual atmosphere of one, in the same video. We began by focusing on heritage and origin; a local focus that would unravel the secrets of the south. Cono Sur is a winery that values natural winemaking practices, which is why we decided to conceptualize its story through the use of wind.

A new world with distinctive origins and expressive wines; the authentic concept behind the brand video we crafted. We worked to associate specific elements of the wind with each wine, using this common denominator to tell each of the individual stories and reveal each personality.


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