Diablo Wine



When Casillero del Diablo wanted to release an exciting new red blend, they came to DAf for help creating a key visual, video and digital campaign.

The new wine, Diablo, sits outside the Casillero del Diablo family and capitalizes on the growing trend for consumers to experiment with less mainstream brands and blends and to search out more premium experiences.


The new Diablo blend was to be more sophisticated for a younger consumer, more premium but less serious. DAf was tasked with developing the brand personality through a key visual, an impactful video and by managing its social media channels.

With a view to creating a unique and independent brand, DAf stepped away from traditional Casillero del Diablo branding to create a strong first-person video script focused on the devil himself.


In keeping with the idea of sophistication and experimentation, DAf created a charming devil enticing consumers to join him and try something new. The script only reveals who is speaking at the end, creating a sense of mystery.

This was then developed further through imagery and a video, using red soil which swirls into a red smoke, meaning the audience only sees silhouettes of the figures enjoying the product.


For the digital campaign, DAf developed the Diablo website and created the brand personality online as well as managing the brand through social media channels, developing the hashtag #MakeThePact.



Diablo launched in the Chilean, US, UK and European markets. DAf also heads up the social media channels for the brand, managing local agencies in each market.
The video was a hit with the client and went live ahead of the launch in Chile to great acclaim. The digital campaign has been particularly strong in creating excitement about the new product.



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