Dom Perignon – Full of energy



In 2014, Dom Pérignon released P2, its champagne’s second pléntitude and the result of over 16 years of elaboration. The brand’s winemaker,
Richard Geoffroy, discovered that after passing through a second in-bottle fermentation, Dom Pérignon’s champagnes actually matured in a series of plateaus or “plénitudes”, instead of gradually improving over time as is the case with most wines. DAf created an E-card and brand video for the launch of this incredibly specialist, limited-release product.


Dom Pérignon’s P2 is an intense, vibrant and precise champagne. It offers a very different, highly energetic expression when compared to the Dom Pérignon vintage and it was this burst of penetrating energy that laid down the foundations of DAf’s creative process.


Elegant and powerful. With P2’s intense energy in mind, DAf crafted a high-impact brand video designed to express the product’s premium nature. The orchestral music generates a sense of grandeur and the highly reduced neutral color palette forcefully positions the product within the world of premium wines.

The claim, “Full of energy”, is all that’s needed to highlight the difference between P2 and Dom Pérignon’s vintage champagne. Crystal fragmentations, elegant reflections and abstract forms fuse together to provoke a ferocious explosion of P2’s uncontainable spirit. The burst of energy is followed by hundreds of shooting stars that reveal the ever resilient and iconic Dom Pérignon shield.


DAf also crafted an E-Card to strengthen the release of P2 in a B2B context.

Inspiring phrases, “Energy at its peak. Unique product universe. The journey is just beginning”, formed part of the E-Card’s content in order to express P2’s particular character. We combined these phrases with footage of the impressive force of nature, drawing parallels between the organic development of P2’s bursting energy over time and the unrelenting prowess of the natural world.

“Fantastic visibility. Strong press coverage. Fantastic launch in Ireland. Great welcome by wine critics. Great first results of digital activation”… P2’s long list of accolades made the creative development of this video E-Card an interesting project to work on.


The E-Card was a video that was sent via email at the end of 2015 to all of Dom Pérignon’s clients, located all over in the world. The “Full of energy” brand video was designed to appeal to premium wine consumers.

The journey is just beginning.

We’re waiting to cultivate your story.