Esplendor – The Patience of a Seafaring Jewel


The Torres Family was about to launch its first traditional method wine, a small production of just 4000 cases to be sold at home and abroad, and needed a captivating, two-minute brand video to tell the story behind the wine’s creation.


In the 18th Century, the English merchant, Daniel Vardon Kennett, arrived by boat to Catalunya, married a Catalan and began a new winemaking adventure in the vineyards of Santa Margarida d’Agulladolç, Penedés. Inspired by Kennett’s adventure, Esplendor is an enchanting story that represents a Denomination of Origin; recognized in the industry as The Land of Sparklings. The history of the terroir and Vardon Kennett’s winemaking adventure story merge to create the core concept behind the brand video that DAf produced for the product’s launch.


We created a brand video that would relate the story of Vardon Kennett in an inspiring way. We wanted to establish an emotional connection with the viewer while emphasizing the premium quality of this new product, which is why we chose to film all footage from scratch.

We filmed the material at sea in Chile, to represent Guernsey, and then travelled to Spain to film both the Penedés vineyards and the scenes in the cellars. We made use of natural and artificial lighting to build atmosphere and convey the idea of high quality winemaking. For example, we used backlighting to capture the detailed movements of the yeast fermenting in the bottle; a premium look for a premium wine.

The music was especially composed to generate feeling and hark back to the seafaring escapades of English merchants. We also incorporated the talents of our 3D specialists to create the shot of Vardon Kennett’s boat from under the water. This shot was included to convey the idea of being part of the ocean and, therefore, at one with the surroundings of this particular terroir.


Local and international distributors, and wine consumers who visit the winery in Penedés.

A sparkling adventure in Penedés, Spain

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