Expo Milano


DAf was invited by RioLab to collaborate in the development of an audiovisual installation for Expo Milano 2015. The objective of the installation was to share the essence of Chile’s country image via an audiovisual experience that would take Expo Milano visitors on a cinematic ride, connecting them with Chile’s fruit production, cultivation processes and dedicated farmers.

The challenge was to find a way of captivating the interest of a foreign audience, transporting them to Chile and its natural world in an instant.


Designed to be played on a loop, our creatives developed a sensorial encounter that would break through language barriers and add value to the quality processes that sustain the fruit industry in Chile. It was an installation that fully embraced the opportunity to construct a positive image of Chile overseas.

A journey across Chilean landscapes. A series of appearing and disappearing screens documenting Chile’s rich variety of fruit-industry faces. Farmers, first depicted as stars which then drop down into the soils and convert into seeds. Seeds which become dozens of tiny lights that float towards the sky, presenting Chile’s fruit industry as a magical, awe-inspiring reflection of what the country has to offer. These are just some of visual representations DAf’s creatives worked to produce as part of this installation.




Visitors from all over the world who arrived to Chile’s country display as part of the Expo Milano 2015.

Expressing a country’s identity

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