Familia Torres – Pazo Bruxas



Familia Torres required a brand film for their Albariño wine, Pazos Das Bruxas to support sales campaigns in both national and international markets.

With principal markets in Europe and North America, the film needed to showcase Pazos das Bruxas’ Galician origins in an intriguing and alluring way, ringing true to Spanish consumers and engaging those unfamiliar with the region.

Familia Torres wanted a film that reflected the magic behind the brand name, alluding to the old Galician forest houses (pazos), where witches were said to dwell and cast spells on nature. It was clear that our protagonists would be the Albariño grape; picturesque, allegorical origin of Rias Baixas; and the witches (bruxas) themselves.


DAf traveled to Galicia to film on location in Rias Baixas. Here, nature and humankind seemingly work together with eloquent equilibrium, as if a mystical force connects them. This confluence is at the heart of our storytelling. In it, we conceptualize the witches as fairy-like spirits whose influence shapes the ideal terroir for the Albariño grape.


These spirits are depicted as subtle glimmers of light flowing through the terroir: the ocean’s song, the forest’s whispers, the vines’ dance and the people’s grace. Finally, we reveal how the spirits infuse these elements into the Albariño grape, which is then captured and preserved in the wine.


I am present…

In all that can be found in Rias Baixas.

In what is seen,

…And what is not. 

I whisper with the forests,

And sing with the seas,

I dance with the vines,

I am the soft touch of the people,

and the flavor of the Albariño grape.

I pass through all things, combining elements of nature

transforming them into one

Pazo das Bruxas

The True Harmony of Rias Baixas

The magic of Galicia.


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