Familia Torres – Corporate Film


DAf was delighted when Familia Torres, a longstanding client, approached the agency to produce a new version of its corporate video.  A video that would be shown to the 80,000 plus annual visitors to the Pacs del Penedès winery before they embark on their tour.

The challenge was clear: to reflect the modern day pillars of the brand and project an image of the prestigious winery that focuses on the earth, consumers and its ability to unite tradition with innovation.


We focussed on the romantic but real connections between the vineyard and nature.  Shooting in several locations in Spain, Chile and California we successfully brought to life the secret of Familia Torres: a deep connection with the land and an unrelenting passion for quality that transcends generations, traditions and embraces innovation.

Five generations of the family feature in the film and this intimate portrayal underscores the authenticity of Familia Torres approach.



The 14 minute videos – recorded using both Catalan and Spanish voiceovers – are available with subtitles in English, Mandarin, Russian, German and Japanese.  They are now being shown in the brand’s visitor centres as well as being shared among sales team members, distributors and importers.


Twenty-second edits from the corporate film have been used to craft a series of 12 social media posts for Instagram, of which 4 will be published throughout the year.



An unrelenting passion for quality that transcends generations.

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