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Freixenet continues to win over the world with its lively Cavas, time and time again. Despite a greater global presence, Freixenet knows that catering to local markets is key. The challenge was to create a new, special edition Cava for Spain and France that was cocktail friendly; something stunning that would particularly reflect the charismatic nightlife of Barcelona. This project was a particularly interesting one for DAf, as it was an opportunity to enter into the world of packaging design for the very first time.


We began by focusing our creative juices on the most essential element of the campaign: Barcelona’s nightlife. We were inspired by the fast pace and bright city lights of this Catalan city and wanted to express a sensation of constant movement. We experimented with golden sparks and electric blue streaks that whirled around in the air, reflecting the verve of Catalan nightlife. As a classic element of Freixenet and a symbol for starry nights, we also incorporated sequins into the design.

This brand’s bottle had to be as visually striking as possible. Considering the importance of the night, we designed a sleeve with a very particular finish that would react to the presence of a black light; transforming the blue of the streaks on the sleeve’s design into an electric blue. Determining the exact hue required was an incredibly in-depth process, but one which finally resulted in a high-impact design that turned heads.


The life and soul of Barcelona’s nightlife scene is the context of the brand video we crafted for Freixenet. The opening shot zooms in across the water, towards the heart of the city, with pace and energy and the music powerfully transports us into the middle of the city’s clubbing scene. We see vibrant colors, strobe lighting and graceful shadows of young city dwellers, losing themselves to the beauty of the night.

Gold sequins both personify the bubbles of the wine and represent the famous Freixenet Bubbles, who historically danced on the stage to promote Freixenet’s cava. The sequins also help to accentuate the electric blue of the brand’s new packaging. We watch as the sequins dance their way out of a glass, across the dance floors of Barcelona’s club scene and swirl their way towards a big finish, taking on the physical form of the Freixenet bottle and its new sleek packaging.

The beauty of the night


The Key Visual incorporates the golden sparks and the electric blue streaks to create a sensation of constant movement. The gold sequins reflect the bubbles of the wine and the famous Freixenet Bubbles. The nighttime setting seductively targets the busy and active Millennial consumer.


This campaign was originally designed for consumers, principally located in Spain and France.

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