Frontera – Making moments tasty


Having worked with DAf on the previous brand campaign, Simply Delicious, Frontera yearned to take another sweet step forwards in the evolution of its global communication. The challenge was to build on the lifestyle element of Simply Delicious and create a second campaign that would offer educational value via tasty pairing ideas for refreshing food and wine experiences. We called it “Making Moments Tasty”.

With the new Making Moments Tasty claim in place, we were able to turn Simply Delicious into Frontera’s new tagline; a strategic move that would help strengthen and build on the brand’s positioning from the previous year.


First, we created a concept, which was swiftly followed by the development of a script and wine-pairing-inspired supers that would give rise to a five-video brand campaign. We filmed all five videos in three days and brought the project to a close via an intensive, in-house, post-production period.

Each video is set in a different location, reflecting the diversity of Frontera’s varietal wines and reinforcing the brand’s image as “wines for all kinds of moments”. Making Moments Tasty invites the consumer to enjoy Frontera wines at the beach, when moving house, when preparing for a night out with friends, when enjoying a barbecue and on very special family occasions. The short texts, superimposed over each video, share quick food and wine pairing tips that are designed for consumers looking to get more out of wine.

Celebrating Diversity

Fresh Beginnings

A Full-Flavored Classic

The Color of Friendship

Coastal Sweetness


We created a number of key visuals for Making Moments Tasty, each one representing one of the situations depicted in the brand videos. We made use of four specific elements: product, food pairing, claim and lifestyle. Each key visual presents a group of wine consumers who are enjoying Frontera wines in the background. The product and food pairing ideas appear in the foreground, heightening the campaign’s educational value.


To complement the food and wine pairing experience depicted in the brand videos, DAf’s digital creatives designed a new Frontera website that would offer interested consumers more advice and information on how to match Frontera wines with different foods and in a variety of occasions. Ideas were communicated through the development of specialist texts and the production of original photography.

Developed in both English and Spanish, the Making Moments Tasty website appeals to a wide range of wine consumers all over the world and is designed with mobile users in mind. The text reinforces the focus on wine and food pairings, turning Making Moments Tasty into an educational experience with Frontera wines.

In addition to food and wine pairing ideas, the new website also offers creative ways to turn Frontera wines into fruity cocktail experiences.


Wine consumers and Frontera brand lovers all over the world, with a developing interest in food and wine pairings.

Refreshing and fruity, with a well-rounded finish.


Boxed necktags were created with suggestions and wine pairing ideas for the consumer, helping them to better enjoy their purchase. Stoppers were also created to support the messaging and catch consumers´ eye in-store.

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