GatoNegro – 9 Lives


GatoNegro was about to launch a premium sibling to sit alongside its Adored Everywhere varietal selection. It would be a tribute to its mysterious lucky charm, the black cat. Our challenge was to bring this new 9 Lives Reserve to life via an intriguing storytelling, key visual, brand video, digital campaign and website, all with global appeal.


9 Lives Reserve… a new GatoNegro wine, a new lucky charm. This was our starting point, the concept that formed the basis of the entire creative process. It was an opportunity to accentuate the mysterious element behind GatoNegro’s storytelling and position the brand’s
new product in a premium context.


One of the most important objectives for 9 Lives was to create an entirely independent universe for the product that would be linked to, but function separately from, the original GatoNegro varietals. 9 Lives was set to be GatoNegro’s premium product, designed for nighttime, social consumption.

DAf’s creatives began by strengthening the brand’s storytelling and the importance of the mysterious black cat by turning it into the lucky charm behind the ever-improving quality of Viña San Pedro’s harvests. The elegance of 9 Lives, highlighted in this new chapter of GatoNegro’s storytelling, reflects the quality of the product and GatoNegro’s shift from everyday varietals to a rich and luxurious reserve.


The decision to work with 3D animation helped us accentuate the fantastical qualities of the 9 Lives story. It also gave us full control over the outcomes in a digital format. The golden outline we added to the edges of the black cat’s silhouette creates a beautiful glow and emphasizes the mystical quality of its character. The spiral of cards supports the enigmatic tone of the video and helps to visualize the forever improving quality of the 9 Lives’ harvests.


The golden edge outlining the black cat’s silhouette in the key visual helps to elevate the quality of the product and shifts the perception of GatoNegro as an everyday varietal wine to something more special and elegant. Only parts of the bottle’s label were shown in the key visual to help generate intrigue in the 9 Lives product before its launch. The heavy use of black not only emphasizes the importance of the black cat, but it also helps to place the product within a world of mystery and magic.


To express the difference in quality between 9 Lives and the regular GatoNegro varietals, DAf designed and developed a mini-website that focused heavily on wine tasting information and gastronomical pairings. We created the copy for nine exclusive GatoNegro recipes that could be paired with either a 9 Lives Sauvignon Blanc or Cabernet Sauvignon. The inclusion of specialist recipes helps to target nighttime wine consumers with highly active social agendas. The original photography gives the site a highly elegant look and feel. The specialist copy is designed to express the playful, magical nature of GatoNegro’s very lucky, very black cat.


DAf took a highly strategic approach to 9 Lives’ digital campaign. The main objectives were to increase the number of Facebook fans, encourage these new fans to interact with the brand, to recognize its quality and, ultimately, to make a purchase. Strategically, we needed to time the campaign so that it would peak around the Christmas period when most wine consumers are more prone to buy and to try new wines.

From July 2016, we focused on generating intrigue in 9 Lives by using the mysterious key visual, with parts of the label hidden from view, in social media posts and in paid carousel advertisements. It was important to begin with these communications to drive users towards the mini-website from July, as it gave us enough time to educate the target audience and generate interest in the product before the Christmas period. By November 2016, we would be able to better convert consumer interest into consumer purchase.


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