GatoNegro – Adored everywhere


GatoNegro: a Chilean favorite, loved and sold all around the world. After a successful rooftop campaign, GatoNego was ready to start something fresh; to go beyond the rooftops and branch out even further across the globe. GatoNegro’s desire to reach every home all over the world was the inspiration behind DAf’s bold storytelling, “Adored Everywhere”; one that would give context to the wine’s origin and highlight its global impact at the same time.


Knowing that GatoNegro was ready to become a globally admired wine brand, the creative team at DAf began by crafting an original and attractive storytelling about a black cat who brings luck to every harvest in Viña San Pedro.

Highly curious in nature, this inquisitive black cat accompanies the GatoNegro winemaker in her day-to-day tasks, learns about the winemaking craft and inspires the winemaker to create tasty wines that can be “Adored Everywhere”. Tapping into his explorer nature, the black cat helps the winemaker to spread the word by leaping from one country to the next, sharing the variety of GatoNegro wines with the world.


The Adored Everywhere brand video brings GatoNegro’s storytelling to life. We’re taken on a journey, led by the iconic black cat in one constant forward motion. The bottle’s label serves as a portal, allowing the cat to travel from country to country, filling wine glasses with vibrant varieties and inspiring unforgettable moments along the way.

As the video draws to a close, the cat crosses the consumer’s path, jumping into the GatoNegro bottle, and we cut to a shot of the packaging to facilitate consumer familiarity with the product.


We made use of the papercraft technique that consumers already associated with GatoNegro, but gave the current whimsical design a refresh to illustrate a more sophisticated GatoNegro that would communicate quality and growth.

The Key Visual places the famous black cat in the center of the image, surrounded by elements indicative of all the places in the world where GatoNegro is sold. Adored Everywhere, in New York, Shanghai, London and beyond.


A highly versatile key visual and brand video, we used them to target GatoNegro’s Facebook fans, strengthen B2B connections and reach out to distributors.

Inspiring unforgettable moments, all over the world.

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