GatoNegro – Rooftops


One of the primary creative objectives behind GatoNegro’s Rooftops campaign was to strengthen associations between the brand and the playful nature of the mysterious GatoNegro cat. We wanted GatoNegro wine consumers to enjoy the essence of the black cat’s character and to take on board some of his characteristics.


The brand videos incorporated elements of the activity, Parkour, to express the climbing, playful, explorative nature of GatoNegro’s feline friend. We created a series of videos that specifically targeted a number of cities across the globe. Rooftops Rio focused on the colorful, enigmatic and passionate nature of one of Brazil’s liveliest cities. Rooftops San Francisco accentuated the youthful spirit of this southern US city.

The closing shots of all Rooftops videos reveal wine consumers, on rooftop terraces, laughing, talking and sharing their love for GatoNegro wines. The upbeat music, the nimble movements of the wine consumers, their smiles and laughter, are all present to reinforce the brand’s playful image.




Adored everywhere


Visually and conceptually attractive, we took the Rooftops campaign to a second level with a series of Rooftop party events all over the world. Having crafted the city-specific brand videos, we organized a series of real life GatoNegro rooftop parties, in which 70% of the guests were wine distributors and importers and the other 30% were invited members of the public, GatoNegro wine consumers and Facebook fans. These parties were streamed live via the GatoNegro Facebook Page to ensure that all GatoNegro fans, whether physically present or not, would feel part of the ever-growing GatoNegro online community.


Wine consumers and distributors in Latin America, USA and Europe.


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