GatoNegro – Social media


GatoNegro came to DAf in 2012 looking to boost its Facebook presence and develop a solid, show-stopping social media strategy. Four years later, under the leadership of DAf’s digital team, GatoNegro has grown to become the third largest Facebook page of its category, with over 1M fans from all over the world. GatoNegro wine is sold in over 80 countries.


In 2012, GatoNegro needed a creative approach to the social context of its wine. We built on existing material, reinforcing the rooftop concept that the brand had at the time, and then began developing original content solely based on GatoNegro’s personality. Within a year, we’d developed an active global community with fans who were interacting at an impressive rate.

The next step was to take our rooftop parties to Brazil; a location-centered campaign that turned into a global sensation. The promotional video alone received more than 59,000 likes, comments and shares.

In 2014, we followed social media trends and let the fans take control. We used their comments and videos to further strengthen the sensation of an online community. In 2015, we celebrated Viña San Pedro’s 150th anniversary with the hashtag, #150ReasonsToCelebrate, and an interactive campaign that awarded fans with tickets to exclusive GatoNegro rooftop parties all over the world. We even streamed the parties, so that all online fans would feel included.

Our present strategy focuses on the creative implementation of the papercraft technique, allowing our digital team to create the “GatoNegro world” and invite fans from all over the world to connect and interact with the brand in a fun and entertaining way. Color plays a highly important role, with each hue directly relating to a specific variety, grape and/or wine tasting note. It helps to make GatoNegro’s Facebook page both entertaining and informative, with fans learning about wine and how to pair wine with food when following the tips that our digital team shares.

As well as reinforcing GatoNegro’s global image as playful and spontaneous, the papercraft technique also helps to differentiate the brand’s Facebook presence from other brands in the wine and spirits industry.


At the time of writing, GatoNegro’s principal Facebook communities are based in USA, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Poland, Netherlands and Belgium. We currently generate 11 pieces of original content every month, in five different languages and manage all Facebook Advertising for each market.

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