Gloria Ferrer


The challenge was to produce an entertaining and exciting brand video for the Gloria Ferrer sparkling tier that would replace their existing video and provide a fresh face for their four core sparkling wines, with Sonoma Brut taking center stage. Sonoma County needed to play a central role in the video, as the Freixenet USA Group wanted to emphasize the importance of place and origin.


Through drone-shot footage of the winery and vineyards, we crafted a high-impact brand video that captures the glorious landscapes of Sonoma County within the first few seconds. The video’s content emphasizes the social aspect of Gloria Ferrer’s sparkling portfolio, presenting the wine as something to be enjoyed and shared regardless of occasion or location. We employed a series of slow-motion shots, deliberately contrasting them with high-energy, uplifting music, to reflect the dramatic quality of the wine and its lifestyle.

As the video draws to a close, we return to drone-shot footage, rapidly zooming out to take in one last view of the surrounding vineyards. The concept is clear… Life is grand and glorious with Gloria Ferrer.


One of the main objectives of this video was to gain positive feedback from Freixenet USA stakeholders and to provide the group’s sales team with an effective brand video to use out on the field.

Life is glorious with Gloria Ferrer.

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