Hogs 3



Hogs 3 is a ready-to-drink bourbon and cola mix from Pinnacle Liquor Group in Australia. DAf developed a brand video for the product’s launch, combining the bright pop world of soda with bourbon’s southern archetypes.


The inclusion of rustic, natural materials, namely large oak barrels, helped to reinforce the traditional aspects of the bourbon and align Hogs 3 with long-standing southern archetypes. We used bright colors, playful shapes and a fun sound scape to inject the essence of the world of soda into the mix.

The final phrases, “It’s smart, it’s smooth, it’s ready to drink” really hone in on the millennial target consumer. Pinnacle Liquor Group was aiming to connect less with traditional bourbon drinkers and more with consumers looking for a neat solution to bourbon and coke in just a single can.


Millennial spirits consumers in Australia.

It’s smart, it’s smooth, it’s ready to drink.

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