Moët Hennessy – Holograms



DAf seeks to tell brand stories that consider the latest technological developments to engage consumers at every level appropriate.
So, when LVMH’s subsidiary Moët Hennessy requested holographic-like visuals for showroom displays, DAf set to work to create immersive and compelling visual animations to bring to life products from their brands Hennessy, Belvedere, and Chandon.


Hennessy’s latest Odyssey campaign is a visual exploration of the cognac’s unique and bold flavors. DAf wanted to create a hologram animation in line with the explosive effect of the campaign, maximizing its immersive potential.

The holographic animation was created to stress the vibrancy of the liquor’s distinct, impacting flavors. Taking cues from the Odyssey commercial, the hologram based itself on three integral elements of the Hennessy flavor, “Rising Heat”, “Spicy Edge” and “Infinite Echo”.

“Rising Heat” positioned the iconic Hennessy X.O bottle as if it were emanating flames from its core, reflecting the fiery taste of the cognac. “Spicy Edge” combined a striking array of neon pinks and yellow, the vibrancy of the colors dazzling, capturing the taste of the liquor on the tongue. Finally, “Infinite Echo” fades into a black background, the contrast from colorful to darkness serving to emphasize the bottle’s iconic shape and gratifying effect on the consumer, lasting long after the initial sip.

DAf also developed an additional hologram illusion with compelling 3D effect, showing separate drops of liquids that join together to form the shape of the distinctive Hennessy bottle.


Belvedere sought a hologram-like animation to convey the delicate differences that define the two vodkas in their Single Estate Rye Series, highlighting the distinct terroirs of which the vodkas are produced: The Smogóry Forest and Lake Bartężek.

DAf projected a map of Poland which highlighted the two regions of the respective vodkas. The animation first zooms into Bartężek, in the north of Poland, where the blue Belvedere bottle is shown rising out of icy lake waters. The animation then moves to the wooded Smogóry area in the east of Poland, where Belvedere’s black bottle emerges out of the dense forest.


Sparkling wine brand Chandon wanted an animation which focused on its expansive global presence, while also showcasing its history.

DAf developed an animation of a globe that highlights regions around the world where Chandon holds wineries. A shooting star, suggestive of the brand’s starry emblem, guides the animation as it spins around the globe.

Sparks then fuse together to create the bottle of Chandon, which appears alongside fireworks, to reflect the celebratory occasion for its sparkling wines as well as the brand’s celebrated legacy.


Holographic-like visuals for Moët Hennessy brands.

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