Jacobs Creek – Awards


When Pernod Ricard Winemakers (PRW) Australia was looking for an expert wine agency to help with a specialist Jacob’s Creek campaign, they came to DAf. The challenge was to educate consumers about the value of wine awards, while remaining true to the essence of their impactful “Made By” master brand campaign.

As one of the most awarded wine brands in the world, Jacob’s Creek found that consumers around the world didn’t necessarily understand how that reflected quality. As a global campaign, DAf needed to create a visual solution for both the Reserve and Classic ranges, focusing in particular on four key markets: Australia, UK, US and China.

DAf was also asked to develop a global toolkit comprising: digital banners, video content, PoS material and key visuals for download and use by global markets.


With such a complex topic as awards and claims messaging, and a whole variety of markets to consider, DAf began the project with an exhaustive strategic overview. It was through this that we were able to identify a variety of creative routes to explore, while ensuring that they would be of strategic value to the brand.

With strict regulations around awards and claims messaging in different markets, DAf’s challenge was to create a visual language that would be easily understood without showing images such as medals.The answer for the more premium Reserve range, was a collection of awards presented through bottle tops, each stamped with the golden Jacob’s Creek logo. This sea of metaphorical awards was a backdrop to the varying SKUs, using a luxurious visual language to transmit the idea of quality.

For the Classic range, photography of a genuine Jacob´s Creek vineyard taken by DAf on location was the focus. The authentic images gave the campaign a true sense of place, using the vineyard posts with their unique numbering system to reflect the campaigns macro claims of: “Over 8,000 awards and counting” and “One of the World’s Most Admired Wine Brands”.


“This campaign was about building credentials for the brand and they really understand fine wine. They are extremely creative and never lose energy. Just when you think you can’t push it any further they just keep pushing and come up with something even more creative.

They are always available and quick (but thorough). And they know how to meet a deadline (in fact they are always keeping me in line on this). Lastly, working with them is simply easy… Nothing is an issue, no matter what the challenge is.

A specialist campaign for one of the most awarded wine brands in the world.




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