360º series – Packaging Design



Luis Felipe Edwards came to DAf in search of a new packaging design for its 360º wine collection. The challenge was to create a transversal design that could be used to package all grape varieties in the 360º range; showing the relationship between them, while at the same time giving each its own personal identity.


The idea of diverse terroir, influenced by varied geography in the north, east, south and west of Chile, is represented via a clean abstraction of a map. The round label reflects a 360º philosophy to winemaking in which all the elements work together as a complete whole. The black, white and gold design is elegant, minimalist and transgressive, reflective of the brand’s character.

Each grape variety is clearly indicated on a broad, black strip, positioned directly beneath the circular map abstraction.


This new packaging was designed with a premium wine target audience in mind. So far it has been released in Brazil, Chile, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, soon to be available worldwide.


Elegant, minimalist and transgressive.

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