Mark West Black – The dark side of Pinot


California’s Mark West is the epitome of total devotion to Pinot. The challenge we faced was to find a high-impact way of differentiating Mark West Black from the classic Mark West, branding it as a richer, darker, more full-bodied Pinot Noir.


Generally lighter than most red varieties, the concept behind Mark West Black starkly challenges traditional ideas about what Pinot Noir is capable of.

To powerfully illustrate the “the dark side of Pinot,” we transformed the color black into the compelling protagonist of a highly charged, full-thrust brand video. The black bottle is an elegant dark force, attracting and pulling in elements that gradually unite to form the brand label. A black on black look, blended with heavy sounds and bold rhythms, places the new features of this intense Pinot under the spotlight.

As the video draws to a close, the classic Mark West is neatly placed alongside its dark alternative, further illustrating the differences between the two.

Alluringly dark, rich and smooth


This video was first used to develop B2B relationships for Mark West and then to appeal to USA wine consumers.

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