Norton – Mastery of superior Malbec


Bodega Norton, a pioneer in Argentine winemaking, has earned a reputation for impeccable craft since 1895. The challenge was to find a sincere and convincing way of visually conceptualizing the mastery of a superior Malbec.


We created a brand video that invites the wine consumer to travel to the heart of Argentina’s Malbec country. The natural landscapes that are presented in the video reflect the purity of the wine and strengthen its connection to years of Argentine winemaking tradition and heritage.

The slow speed of the video expresses the time and patience required to craft a Reserve Malbec of superior quality. The movements of the friends who appear in the video are slow and graceful, their clothing is made from natural cotton and wool fibers. The wooden table and chairs, combined with the freshly-picked flowers, are a reflection of the wine’s rich, oaky character; its smooth, full-bodied texture.


The key visual marked the start of a new direction for Norton, positioning the winery as a consistent and valiant leader. The figure of the winemaker, the focus on the soil and the direct references made to Wine Spectator, position Bodega Norton as a leading winery in the production of superior wines.


Wine consumers, principally located in the USA and Argentina. Some focus was given to consumers in the UK.

120 years of consistently distinguished craft.

We’re waiting to cultivate your story.