Miguel Torres Chile – Brand Video


Corporate Film



Miguel Torres Chile, part of Familia Torres wine group is known for their connection with the Torres family alongside their strong focus on fair trade, sustainable practices and the recuperation of forgotten native grape varieties.

DAf was charged with creating a new corporate film that would reflect Miguel Torres Chile’s brand pillars and present their principal products.


With vineyards across the country, particularly in the Maule region, DAf worked with the concept of a road movie showing a day spent traveling between vineyards and visiting the collaborators who work and manage them.


We filmed Miguel Torres Maczassek and the winery’s enologist, Eduardo Jordán, on-site over two days in the Curicó, Huerta Maule, Manso de Velasco, Empedrado and Cauquenes family vineyards. Miguel Torres Maczassek provided the voiceover himself and was accompanied by his wife and children, reinforcing the family ties that sustain the vineyard.

The result is a highly-personalized account of the Torres family’s life in the vineyards and their work to sustain Chilean winegrowing, care for the country’s native varieties and value the growers who tend them.


The 6-minute film—recorded in Spanish with subtitles in English and Spanish—is now being shown to visitors to Miguel Torres Chile’s Curicó vineyard, as well as being shared among sales team members, distributors and importers.

VOICE OVER (extract)

At the winery, our day begins before sunrise.
Sometimes, it may seem that time here is unhurried;
but a well-cared-for vineyard requires constant attention.
Every day is very important.

My family began cultivating vineyards 400 years ago
in the Spanish region of Penedés.
Later, we came to Chile in 1979
thanks to the advice of a good friend, Alejandro Parot.
That was certainly an adventure…

For me, Chile is like my home.
I couldn’t count the kilometers I’ve driven,
but I know that each one has been worth it.
Here, the landscape captivates you…

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