Mouton Cadet – Sponsorship Video


Mouton Cadet, a powerful and tradition-rich French wine brand from Baron Philippe de Rothschild, became the official sponsor of the Tour de France in the U.S. in 2011. The challenge was to create a video to announce the sponsorship and reintroduce three Mouton Cadet varietal wines at the same time.


Riding alongside the road racers from the Bordeaux vineyards to the Champs-Élysées finish in Paris, we crafted an illustrated sponsorship video that was based on turn-of-the-century tour posters and worked with the official Tour de France sponsorship colors.

We constructed various parallels between the Tour de France and French winemaking and the nature of their long-running traditions. Through phrases such as “racing towards an elegant finish” we were also able to highlight delicate comparisons between the cycling event and wine tasting notes.


Wine consumers in the U.S. and Tour de France fans who might be encouraged into trying one of Mouton Cadet’s varietals.

Two French traditions ride on.

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