Noble Vines – Brand Video


Noble Vines wines are cultivated in the red, cobblestone soils of Delicato Family Vineyards’ ranch in Lodi, California. Our challenge was to craft a winning brand video for distributors and support the launch of the new Noble Vines brand packaging.


We chose to work with a monochrome palette to convey the brand’s history and origin, and to design a background so that Noble Vines’ bright red numbers would stand out and provide visual continuity from story to branding. As the video begins, the story of the search for vines that give birth to exceptional grapes appears: white text printed on the black packaging of the Noble Vines bottle. The vineyard’s focus on perfection is made clear from the outset.

We follow just one man – Noble Vines’ winegrower Charlie Hossom – as he picks up vine number 337, digs up the earth with his own hands and plants the precious vine carefully into the ground. The vine’s shoot is small, but we know it will grow into something admirable as we cut to a vineyard protected by a large tree that has been around for hundreds of years. We see close-up shots of the man’s hands deep within the soil and we feel the love he has for the entire winemaking process. The orchestral composition reflects the quality of the wine and the gradually building crescendos lead us towards a distinguished finish.

To introduce the importance of the numbers given to each of the wines, we return to the white text printed on the black bottle from the beginning. We cut to the number 337, printed in red on a sign in the vineyard, and watch as it’s superimposed on the Noble Vines bottle. The video closes with the 337 bottle of wine positioned beside the young 337 vine, neatly reminding the viewer that a wine is only ever as good as its origins.


This campaign was developed for internal distributors and trade workers, as well as end consumers in the U.S.

The deepest roots grow noble vines.

We’re waiting to cultivate your story.