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After almost 15 years in brand communication, DAf has broadened its capabilities to include brand creation strategy, lead by a new approach to product packaging design.

Our method is strategic and intuitive. We work closely with brands to uncover and explore their values and sense of place; using original storytelling to distill these elements into visually-striking packaging design solutions targeted to specific global markets.

With this new service, DAf completes the brand life cycle to effectively engage both trade environments and end consumers.

Odfjell Packaging

Working with Odfjell to create a concept based on the elements of Earth, Fire and Water, DAf took high-detail close-up photos of different elements of the organic and biodynamic vineyard to inspire a graphic design using textures and hyperrealism.

For Armador, the vineyard’s best-selling wine, inspiration was taken from the element of Earth and the label was designed with a color palette of russet and copper foil. Orzada’s premium credentials were expressed with silver foil, soft gray and greenish-blue hues to represent water. Finally, the design for Aliara—a blend and the most exclusive of the wines—reflects fire through gold foil and charcoal-black tones

Ígneo— Viña Volcanes

The result of perfect conditions. The optimum balance of elements. Volcanoes are Chile’s icon. They define our extensive land, forming the country’s spine from the sun-baked desert to the frozen landscapes of the south.

Ígneo, in honor of the rock that gave this land life, that filled it with iron, magnesium and potassium. That infuses the wine with a note of minerality and a hint of smoke on the nose. Born of volcanic soils as iconic as the smoking mountains of Chile. The maximum expression of our volcanoes.

Vigno — Odfjell Vineyards

Odfjell approached DAf in need of a new packaging design for its Carignan varietal wine, Vigno. The packaging needed to fall in line with a number of specifications as outlined by The Vigno Association, while at the same time offer an elegant and transgressive new look for this very special wine.

The minimalist style of black on black, combined with the inclusion of denomination of origin and number of bottles elaborated, gives Odfjell’s Vigno a distinctively modern, premium look.

360º Series — Luis Felipe Edwards

Luis Felipe Edwards came to DAf in search of a new packaging design for its 360º wine collection. The idea of diverse terroir, influenced by varied geography in the north, east, south and west of Chile, is represented via a clean abstraction of a map.

The round label reflects a 360º philosophy to winemaking in which all the elements work together as a complete whole.

J.T. Meleck

When Louisiana rice farmer Mike Frugé decided to become one of the first distillers in the US to produce rice whiskey and vodka, he needed an agency who could provide a holistic approach to his new products. The packaging designs for both lines were steeped in family and Louisiana history, reflecting the rice and crawfish farming for which the state—and the Frugés—are known.

The American innovator tasked DAf to not only create and develop the packaging, but also the brand: to name it, write a memorable brand storytelling and create brand guidelines, thereby empowering him with the necessary tools to take his product to market.
It was a big project and an exciting opportunity for DAf to unite its two passions—strategy and creativity—to craft a new brand.

Veuve du Vernay

French wine house Patriarche decided to give its sparkling wine brand Veuve du Vernay an update to increase sales in the US. DAf was asked to create a more contemporary feel for the brand, celebrating their French essence without relying on the traditional visual cues associated with the country.

The solution was a sleeve for the two bottles of sparkling wine which celebrated the effervescence and energy of a mysterious French woman featured in the brand’s storytelling (also written by DAf).  The result was a premium, minimalist design that reflects the verve of this French brand without resorting to clichéd images of France.

Xperiencia — Freixenet

Freixenet’s lively Cavas delight the world over time and time again. Despite a greater global presence, Freixenet knows that catering to local markets is key. The challenge was to create a new, special edition Cava for Spain and France that was cocktail friendly; something stunning that would particularly reflect the charismatic nightlife of Barcelona. We experimented with golden sparks and electric blue streaks that whirled around in the air, reflecting the verve of Catalan nightlife. As a classic element of Freixenet and a symbol for starry nights, we also incorporated sequins into the design.

Considering the importance of the night, we designed a sleeve with a very particular finish that would react to the presence of a black light; transforming the blue of the streaks on the sleeve’s design into an electric blue.

Vado — Luis Felipe Edwards

Vado is Luis Felipe Edwards’ entry into sparkling wine. DAf was asked to communicate elegance and freshness in a simple packaging design reflecting Vado’s origins in Nilahue, where the vado—or shallow stream—runs under the local bridge.

With this in mind, we designed new packaging that focused on two important elements: the brand’s bridge logo and a water motif.

Beginning at the roots of the brand cycle.

We’re waiting to cultivate your story.