Perdriel Terroir


When Finca Perdriel decided to relaunch Perdriel with a super-premium focus, based on the theme “wines of terroir”, it approached DAf for help developing a key visual to tell its new story as well as lifestyle imagery for use online.

The challenge for DAf was to communicate the concept of terroir to trade and consumers to generate brand equity and awareness.


Perdriel was repositioning as a prestigious Argentinian wine, one that gives the consumer status. In order to do that, DAf had to educate consumers about why terroir was so important when creating a super-premium wine.

Perdriel´s unique location at the foot of the Andes, the old vines that give the wine its character and the expertise of its winemakers all contribute to the wine´s quality.


DAf decided to focus on these elements to explain the importance of terroir, creating a rich, textured image of the bottle surrounded by earth and complemented by two hands at the top of the image cupping the soil – a representation of its importance to the wine.

The claim then educates the consumer further on the value of terroir.


Inspired by this key visual, the digital lifestyle images followed the highly-textured style, with each one focusing on one of the four key elements that make Perdriel special: it’s location at the foothills of the Andes; the climate; an exceptionally talented team and, of course, the vines.



The client was delighted with the key visual and the way it interprets the importance of terroir and the imagery has been used as part of the relaunch of Perdriel.

The value of terroir.

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