Protos 1927


Spanish wine brand, Protos, came to DAf in need of a brand video for its 1927 wine; a wine that until this very day bears the same exact label as used for its first vintage in 1927. The challenge was to create a video that would bring to light the significance of the wine’s historic packaging and solidify the brand’s core values.


Our creatives began by exploring two of the brand’s core values in the early stages of video concept development: Protos’ vanguard spirit and the importance of origin. Since the elaboration of its very first wine, Protos has demonstrated an unwavering belief in the terroir found in the Ribera del Duero and an uncontainable visionary character, reflective of its founders’ pioneering nature.

With this in mind, it seemed only logical to create a brand video that would present the 1927 label – a label that was used to package a wine made by a group of local pioneers – as a symbol of the Protos vanguard spirit and the brand’s innate desire to move Spanish wine forward.

Each element of the label represents a variety of firsts in Protos’ history… The first winery built by Protos in Ribera del Duero, the first great wine to be produced in the region, the first red and the irremovable stamp of the first place position that was awarded to the brand in the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition.

The video is a series of extreme close-ups of each element on the label, accompanied by a very simple voiceover that narrates the story of a wine brand that always comes in first and which, among other things, was the first to believe in the Ribera del Duero region. We watch as the 1927 label is printed using an antique printing machine; a physical symbol for the brand’s very first achievements and a piece of history that Protos intends on preserving for many years to come.


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The printed expression of a vanguard spirit

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