Purgatori – Made by Man, Desired by Angels


Familia Torres came to DAf with a project to highlight Purgatori, one of their most spectacular vineyards in Catalonia, located in the Costers del Segre D.O. Here the land is arid and tough to work, requiring great patience and mastery required to yield grapes. Our challenge was to create a brand video to connect consumers to the estate’s real and fascinating history, while also capturing the unique geography of such an exceptional wine-growing location.


Catalan for “Purgatory”, the wine is named after the story of Benedictine monks. During the 18th Century, they were sent to this isolated land as a punishment for not obeying their order’s rules. Part of their grueling manual work they undertook there was to elaborate wine to send back to their monastery. Drawing from this evocative story, DAf developed a brand video narrated by Miguel Torres Maczassek and Joan Francsec Farré, Purgatori estate manager. Both men have strong emotional and family connections to the land and their perspectives explore the historical and personal viewpoints that make this estate so memorable.


These viewpoints were further reinforced through the director’s use of the camera, employing movements that sweep beside and around ancient stones, peer into corners and hidden paths, and finally reveal the discovery of the famous barrels found by the Torres family as they restored the estate’s historic monastic buildings.


Without a doubt, Purgatori is one of the most historical places I know.
In 1770, it belonged to Benedictine monks. Here, they cultivated vines, olives and wheat for their monastery. Found in the denomination of Costers del Segre, in the area of Les Garrigues, this is our family’s most continental vineyard in Catalan soil.

Here, the land is hostile, with cold winters and hot summers.
These extremes make the ideal conditions for growing Garnarcha y Cariñena grapes of great quality, allowing for organic, natural winemaking.

I was born in this house; I have a lot of memories here. My family and I have worked on these lands, I witnessed its neglect when the wine market was down, which was difficult for us all. But I have been lucky enough to see the vineyards thrive once again.

It’s a place with a special energy, standing here you feel a special connection to the earth. It was the reason I decided to revive its winemaking tradition.

When we set to work on the new winery, we were surprised to discover an old stone door that had been used by the Benedictine monks in the original bodega.

They called this place Purgatori.

It was said that monks who did not fulfil the demands of the order were sent here to purge their sins. The climate and the hard work were the price of their punishment.

The monks sent wine back to the monastery, but the barrels never arrived completely full. As the story goes, the wine was so great that it was desired by angels, and so they took some up to the heavens. Though, in reality it was the monks, wo couldn’t help but sample some of the wine themselves!

Sometimes, a place can make you feel the passage of time. You can feel its story by touching a rock. This, the Purgatori estate, is that place.


DAf’s creatives developed Purgatori’s key visual based on the creative concept “Made by man, desired by angels,” a clear reflection of the brand’s storytelling. It was also important to take the wine’s premium quality into account, as well as the brand’s desire to appeal to wine consumers interested in products that fall into the medium-high to high price range.

With a heavy focus on brand awareness, the image of angels carrying a barrel of wine up to the heavens is a clear representation of the brand’s storytelling and a direct reflection of the bottle’s label. “Purgatori” heads up the key visual’s textual creativity, placing emphasis on brand awareness, with a short supporting phrase “Made by man, desired by angels” and the prestigious endorsement of Torres featured further down, closer to the foot of the image.

Elegance is captured through neutral grey tones and glints of gold. The representation of the sky occupies more than three quarters of the key visual, emphasizing on the importance of the angels in the storytelling and reinforcing the idea that Purgatori is a premium wine, fit for the heavens.


DAf filmed onsite at the Purgatori estate in the Costers del Segre D.O.



This campaign was created to appeal to an informed target with a high interest in the wine sector. Such consumers interact with a range of wine brands, both on and offline, and possess a knowledge about wine and the wine industry that is particularly advanced.

Made by man, desired by angels.

We’re waiting to cultivate your story.