Santa Helena



Santa Helena approached DAf with a strong brand character and original storytelling already in place. The challenge was to create a B2C brand video that would effectively communicate this storytelling in Spanish and Portuguese, highlighting the close, everyday, trustworthy nature of the brand’s character.


During the preliminary stages, DAf’s creatives explored two ways in which to present the brand’s storytelling: a testimonial video and a consumer-focused video. Having determined that the testimonial video would offer the most natural, everyday expression of the brand’s story, our creatives began working on the greatest challenge of the entire project: a prosaic, ordinary presentation of the story’s magic realism elements.

Santa Helena wanted to avoid the creation of an epic, fantastical story at all costs. At the same time, the brand recognized the importance of highlighting the magical quality of the tale. Through a subtle inclusion of a flock of birds, the revival of the vineyards – changing from brown, dry stalks to flourishing green vines in an instant – and a solid use of spinning, bird’s eye view camera shots, we were able to inject just the right amount of magic needed to turn this simple tale into a mystical legend.

It was also important to avoid any kind of reference to the premium, elegant, exceptional or extraordinary. Santa Helena is a brand proud of its mass appeal with absolutely no interest in communicating a premium wine message. The humble, commonplace look of the three actors employed to narrate the legend enhanced the trustworthy, everyday nature of the brand’s storytelling.

All footage was filmed from scratch and a great percentage of the work, including a vine leaf that magically converts into a beautiful green butterfly, was achieved by our 3D artists during the post-production stage.




Everyday loyal wine lovers who tend to enjoy wine on a daily basis. The storytelling was produced in Spanish and Portuguese, and focused on consumers based in Brazil and other Spanish speaking countries in South America.

Helena is the true magic behind the wines of Chile’s Central Valley.

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