Seña – Let intuition point the way


Seña is Chile’s consummate icon wine and the personal project of one of the country’s leading figures in the industry, Eduardo Chadwick. It’s a wine born from a series of innovative and risky decisions that Chadwick made in order to follow his heart and reach his dreams. DAf created a brand campaign to recount his personal and intuitive journey, positioning Seña as one of the most exquisite wines in the world.


It’s Chadwick’s voice that we hear in Seña’s brand video, recounting the true story of how he teamed up with Robert Mondavi in search of Chile’s most exceptional terroirs. We learn of his four-year search and his relentless pursuit for what he knew would be an exceptional wine. A series of fine lines illustrate the winemaking craft behind Seña and each moment of Chadwick’s incredible story.

Seña’s packaging takes center stage throughout, as the camera spins on the spot presenting the wine from all angles. Close-ups of the bottle’s base, neck and label are used to elevate the wine’s profile and position it as a product of exquisite quality. The video comes to a close with a close-up of both Eduardo Chadwick and a glass of wine. With a convincing, fixed look towards the camera, he invites the consumer to “let intuition point the way”.


Seña’s key visual communicates the concept “let intuition point the way” in an elegant manner, strengthening the product’s position as Chile’s icon wine.

The wine remains the central focus of the key visual, just as it does in the brand video. The heavy use of black conveys quality and sophistication. The beautifully captured reflection of the bottle in the surface below presents the wine as a pure and graceful product. The signature beside the bottle’s neck is all that’s needed to express Eduardo Chadwick’s unwavering confidence in Seña’s quality.

A wonderful partnership, a passionate journey


As part of the Seña campaign, DAf creatives developed an interactive iPad presentation to encourage users to navigate through Seña’s history and learn about the incredibly unique story of its origins. The idea was to educate consumers in more detail about the product’s characteristics, the wine industry and the story behind Seña’s creation.


This documentary follows Seña throughout its vertical tasting tour in Asia. The format tells the story from a journalistic perspective, including interviews with Seña’s founder, Eduardo Chadwick, and Master of Wine, Jeannie Cho Lee.


The campaign was unveiled to great success in Asia, a key market for luxury wines, and continues to thrive around the world.

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