Taittinger Brut – Time is the master of all creators


The remarkable champagnes of Taittinger can’t be made quickly or with haste. DAf created two brand videos for the famous French champagne producer. The first conveying the time, simplicity and grace that goes into crafting its Brut, which is truly a beauty to behold, and the second to mark the launch of its new product, Nocturne.


Importers and distributors of Taittinger around the globe.


We created a very slow paced video to reflect the length of time it takes to create a single bottle of Taittinger Brut, the soothing orchestral music helping to express the cultivation of quality champagne over time.

The champagne bubbles are incorporated to emphasize the sparkling nature of the product and to reflect its quality. They dance across the screen to form the outline of a wine glass, before rising in a light and seductive manner and the golden palette clearly situates the brand within a premium context. As the sun comes up over the wine glass, resembling a horizon across a huge expanse of water, the golden tones generate a beautifully warming sensation and make the product sparkle.

As the objective of this first video was to reinforce brand values and style, Taittinger’s iconic emerald green color was used in the background.

Time, simplicity and grace.


To mark the launch of its new product, Taittinger was looking for a way of promoting Nocturne as a nighttime product, hence the violet color palette and the glass disco ball that converts into the champagne’s packaging.

Instead of dancing bubbles, the sparkling nature of the product was captured in the dancing glass mosaic of the violet disco ball which, little by little, covers the bottle’s surface to gradually reveal the luxurious, violet, nighttime-inspired packaging.

Electronic music is used to situate Nocturne within the young, nighttime, social context, enjoyed by Millennial wine consumers and reflects Taittinger’s desire to embrace a younger, more modern brand image.

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