Merck Victrelis


DAf was invited to produce a campaign for Merck to launch Victrelis, a protease inhibitor used to treat Hepatitis C. With the understanding that the drug’s most crucial characteristic is its accuracy in locating and fighting virus replication, our 3D and production artists crafted a campaign focused on one decisive representation… the precise attack of a fencer.


The beauty of the concept developed by our 3D production team was its simplicity. We created a duel between two fencers, one dressed in white to represent the drug Victrelis and another made up of Hepatitis C virus molecules that our 3D and production artists developed in the post-production stage.

The script tells the story of two accomplished fencers who beautifully and elegantly demonstrate the fluid, almost balletic fencing movements of the sport as they battle together in a duel to the death. We filmed the video in New York, spending time on perfecting the smooth, choreographed movements of each fencer. In post-production back in Chile, we replaced the body of the Hepatitis C fencer that we filmed with a 3D composition of Hepatitis C molecules. The video ends with the precise strike of the Victrelis fencer destroying the Hepatitis C fencer in an instant.

The concept was delicate, yet powerful: an experience that moves with imagination, and strikes with precision.


We created a series of key visuals with original photography for this campaign. The first focuses on the element of a duel between two fencers, the second on the exact moment when the Victrelis fencer strikes with precision and destroys the Hepatitis C, the third explores the details of the Victrelis fencing suit and the fourth portrays Victrelis’ attacking, yet beautifully poised, nature.

The beautiful arcs and curves of the fencer’s positions in these key visuals highlights the accuracy and precision of the drug as it attacks the Hepatitis C virus. The white color palette of the Victrelis fencer presents the idea of a drug that cleans the body. We associate the drug with something pure that strips us of infection and returns us to a healthy state.


Our Making Of video recounts the entire creative process from concept, through film, to post-production.


This campaign was timed to be unveiled in San Francisco at the Liver Meeting, with stunning visual support and a concise creative identity.

Strike with precision


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