Chile – Viña Maipo



For Concha y Toro’s Viña Maipo Brand, this long-time client of DAf’s asked us to create lifestyle bumper ads for their Mi Pueblo line, a mainstream, entry-level wine brand. This line is very strong in the Nordic countries, specifically in Finland and Sweden among the 40-and-older set.

The challenge was to film these bumper ads in Chile, while following all of the visual codes typical of Nordic homes, with warm light, exposed wood and of course, leaving shoes at the door. We also were tasked with 10-second sequence shots with no cuts for the campaign.
Viña Concha y Toro
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DAf created a total of 16 different videos, representing four different instances of consumption occasions in 5” and 10” lengths. The occasions we decided on were family get-together, picnic, barbecue and finally coming home. Each bumper ended with a different beautiful pack shot to highlight the collection depending on the market it was developed for, Finland or Sweden.

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These 5- and 10-second bumper ads show interior scenes of Nordic-style apartments, which were shot in Chile. To produce these, we designed cozy spaces with low natural light and featured exposed wood, small flower arrangements, burning candles and many glass accents as well as warm textiles. The videos show couples and groups of friends at informal gatherings, in an environment of warmth and belonging.