Viña Maipo – True artistry


Viña Maipo is intrinsically connected to the land, traditions and people of Maipo. Crafted by artisans, Viña Maipo’s winemakers pour heart and soul into the cultivation of exceptional wines. Our challenge was to find a genuine way of connecting consumers all over the world with intrinsically local expression and culture.


When crafting the brand video, we focused on the blacksmith; deftly presenting him as an artist and using his artisanal craftsmanship as a metaphor to represent the artistry of Viña Maipo. “Expression, expertise and finesse.” We follow the blacksmith as he works with dedication on a number of items that the “gaucho” needs to ride safely and proudly on his horse. We see the time it takes him to reach perfection and how he tirelessly toils to produce true magic, direct from his own hands. The relation to the vineyard is made clear as we cut from the blacksmith to three bottles of Viña Maipo wines.

“We shape, transform and create.” The video’s script plays a crucial role in expressing the brand’s essence; its heart and soul. The words, “loyal to our Maipo roots,” reinforce the importance of the vineyard’s history and the unbreakable bond that Viña Maipo wines have with their past.


We knew that we had to be incredibly selective with our choice of words for Viña Maipo’s key visual. “Genuine, skilled, heart, soul, precision and tradition,” reflect the intense connection that these winemakers have with each bottle of wine they produce. “We shape, transform and create,” clearly indicates the lengthy, dedicated process behind every selection.


This campaign was designed for consumers, principally located in Scandinavia and Latin America.

We are artists, genuine craftsmen.

We’re waiting to cultivate your story.